A bit like the water cooler in modern offices, the village pump in both historic villages and wikis is where the community gathers to discuss the wiki, suggest new pages or features, and other related stuff. Feel free to add new content - it might help to initial your suggestions with the first three letters of your username - e.g. (MIT), (LYN), (LIL).

Wanted PagesEdit

  • If you add a character to the character sheet, turn their codename into a link (highlight it, then click the link button above).
  • If the character page doesn't exist, the link will show in red. Click a red link to be offered the opportunity to create the page.
  • Supporting characters are welcome as well as protagonists!
  • Don't forget organisations - LexCorp is probably the most famous you'll encounter, but there are others as well!

Wanted ContentEdit

  • Favicon - the little icon that appears next to the URL. It's a 16x16 picture, called "Favicon.ico". Design a custom one, upload it, and it should take effect.
  • Wiki logo - to replace the blue wikia logo to the left. It can be up to 216x155, and must be called "Wiki.png"


Any ideas that don't fall into the above categories, place here.