N.B. The dates were originally written as starting in 2010, but as they extend beyond 'real time', it was suggested to change them to something more generic to avoid potential conflicts with 'real life' events.

Date Story Title Characters Introduced Major Events
Sep 11, Year 0 Heart like a Lion Cat Ramis, Karen Ramis, Ed Dawson, Elle Damon*, Agatha "Aggro" Harkness, Lisa Skye, Stephen Strange Gunmen attempt to steal a mysterious meteorite at the Museum of Natural History; while fleeing with the stone, Cat is shot and left for dead. Instead of dying, however, she is infused with the spirit of the Lion-God and develops super human abilities.
Oct 13, Year 0 Big Trouble! Damon/Doris Zeul, Amy Zhan Damon Zeul and Amy Zhan begin work on Herakles formula.
Oct 18, Year 0 Samplings of the Population Green Lantern: Jade Acquires Power Ring, Starcrusier Jordan, Chooses to reveal existance of Metagene to the world.
Oct 20, Year 0 How to Take the Kill Shot Jonas Oliver, Green Arrow After being an island for almost three months, Jonas Oliver is rescued by a Queen Industries cruise liner. His relief is shortlived because the ship is taken over pirates and he has to race to the rescue; the press dub him "Miss Arrowette" afterwards
Oct 25, Year 0 When Lightning Strikes! Ayumi Reizei, 'Shin' Shin appears to terrorize Tokyo; Kyou Haimura dies. The Lightning defeats Shin.
Oct 31, Year 0 Terra: Between a Rock and Another Rock Terra Cross, Mia Cross, Kara Sorenson, Terra activates metagene, Acquires GL Costume/Communication Ring, Outs herself publically.
Dec 3, Year 0 To Dream the American Dream Courtney Carter, Dr. Sharon Rosenthal, et. al. Activates metagene, Activates Project Super Soldier, forms tentative alliance with Jade and Terra
Dec 3, Year 0

Thor-girl: Wrath of a Thunder God,

Catch-as-Cat Can

Thor,TYeara Gustav, Harald Carlson, Loki,,

Joh Cho, Professor Stephen Kyle

Thor reclaims status and Mjolnir from Odin, Thor imprisoned in Mjolnir, Harald claims Mjlonir and Thor's powers

Prof Kyle is given and reads the first draft thesis of Jon Cho.

January 16, Year 1

How to Take the Kill Shot

Catch-as-Cat Can

Olivia Queen, Green Arrow

Stephen Kyle

Merlyn kills Jameston Queen and dies accidentally by falling out a window; Olivia accepts her hero destiny but decides she needs more training.

Jade confronts Jon Cho and Professor Kyle and leaves with the thesis, before it is public

Jan 20,Year 1 Some Kind of Wonderful Cassie Sandsmark, Helena Sandsmark Charlie Sandsmark discover something on a lost island in the Aegean Sea; an ancient ruin
Jan 21, Year 1 Some Kind of Wonderful Cassie Sandsmark, Helena Sandsmark, Donna Troy, King Faraday The island has a strange effect on Charlie; Using his newfound powers, Charlie fights off some pirates. Later he tangles with some corrupt government officials
Jan 22, Year 1 Marked Target Lawrence "Lex" McKinley "The Animal" McKinley wins his MMA quarter-final match, qualifying for the semi-finals to be held in six weeks.
Feb. 3,Year 1 Some Kind of Wonderful Cassie Sandsmark, Amy Allen, Eddie Bloomberg etc. Cassie and her allies bring about an end to Antiope's Fake Amazons and Circe's manipulative control over them.
Feb 05, Year 1 Marked Target Lawrence "Lex" McKinley Lex and his girlfriend, Julia Langley, have a night at a local goth bar. As they exit, they encounter a group of ruffians who threaten Julia if Lex does not cooperate. Putting up a good fight, Lex is tranquilized and captured. He begins to manifest in response to hearing Julia's screams.
Feb 12, Year 1 Marked Target Lawrence "Lex" McKinley Lex awakens for the first time from a long sleep under anesthesia. He begins to notice a few things are different. Slowly, his own visage disappears to reveal that of the shorter teenage girl he will become.
Feb. 15, Year 1 The Devil is the Details Eddie Bloomberg, Jade etc. Eddie Bloomberg attends his own funeral; gets attacked by the Copperhead then is given a ring by Jade.
Feb. 17,Year 1 The Devil is in the Details Eddie/Ellie Bloomberg Eddie thinks he's killed his mother thanks to the demon Neron. He flees home and starts a cross country journey to be with his aunt Marla in Hollywood.
Mar 9, Year 1 Big Trouble! Doris Zeul, Lena Luthor Giganta is revealed to the world as she defeats an unknown metahuman at a mall
Mar 12, Year 1 Blue Bug From Outer Space Jaime Reyes, Blue Beetle Jaime and his two friends, BRenda and Paco find a strange blue stone in a disused lot. The stone disappears and over the next few days, Jaime slowly turns into a girl.
Mar 20, Year 1 Sin and Steel/The Succubus Files Stefani Hughes, Alyssa Convover, et. al. Stefani (then Steven) and Alyssa escape from 'The Bunker', one of Lex Luthor's secret testing facilities.
Mar. 24,Year 1 The Devil is in the Details Ellie Bloomberg, Rose Wilson, Green Arrow etc. Ellie and Rose with the help of the Green Arrow put an end to Temple Fugate and his underground Meta fighting.
Mar 26, Year 1 Blue Bug From Outer Space Josie Reyes, Blue Beetle With the help of the Green Arrow, Josie rescues her family and friends from La Dama
Apr 1, Year 1 My Enemy, Myself Harvey/Janice Dent Harvey first transforms into 'Janice'
Apr 13, Year 1 All That Glitters Mike Carter, Booster Gold Hotshot star quarterback Mike Carter steals what he believes to be a "golden orb" from the Field Museum in Chicago. The course of his life is changed.
Apr 16, Year 1 Marked Target Lawrence "Lex" McKinley Lex, now fully female, discovers that the gas they have been sedating her with is no longer effective. Also, she discovers her new claws.
Apr 17, Year 1 All That Glitters Myka Carter, Booster Gold After discovering an assassination plot, Myka and her girlfriend Bea De Costa rescue President Obama from being assassinated by the shape shifter, Chiller. "Booster Gold" becomes an instant overnight celebrity.
Apr 30, Year 1 Green With Envy Alison Scott, Alan/Alena Scott A piece of the Star Heart falls to Earth and is found by Alan Scott
Apr 30, Year 1 Books of Magik Illyana Rasputina, Hunter, et. al. Illyana turns 16; the Fifth Age of Magic begins
May 1, Year 1 Phoenix Rising Jean Grey/Phoenix John Grey while about to die on re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere is merged with the cosmic entity called the Phoenix. Turns into Jean, meets Jade, Terra and American Dream.
May 6, Year 1 Momentum Shift! Erik B. Ronick (Rhea Jones/Cosmic Girl), Linda St. Joan (Night Girl) Dr. Ronick is seemingly disintegrated (has his "intrinsic field subtracted") in a teleportation experiment gone wrong.
May 7, Year 1 Born in a Watery Grave Mark Foster/Lorena Marquez (AquaGirl) A mysterious terrorist group called "Domesday" attack a cross-channel ferry, Mark's metagene activates, transforming him into Lorena (Rena) Marquez.
May 9, Year 1 Born in a Watery Grave N/A Rena moves in with Doris and Lena.
May 9, Year 1 Momentum Shift! N/A Dr. Ronick (as Rhea Jones) re-materializes in this dimension.
May 14, Year 1 Green With Envy The Spectre*, Lee Stone, Kyle Rayner Alena Scott defeats a hostless Spectre (secretly aided by the future Spectre, Diana)
May 15, Year 1 Enter the Copycat! Alison creates her 'Copycat' persona, and encounters Johanna Constantine
May 16, Year 1 The Succubus Files Tristanoira, John Walker Stefani and Alyssa arrive in Las Vegas; Stefani forms a Covenant with her High Priestess, Tristanoira.
May 17, Year 1 Magical Chaos!: Crossing Over Mordru, Klariann, Daniel/Dream, The Walker-in-Sleep, et. al. Mordru empowers Klariann in an attempt to destroy Magik and steal her mantle of Sorceress Supreme. Several young heroes converge on Las Vegas to combat the threat.
May 19, Year 1 Enter the Copycat! Alison begins her quest to locate Johanna, which leads her to London, England
May 19, Year 1 When Lightning Strikes! Himitsu (Haya Genda) Ayumi encounters 'Sera Himitsu' for the first time.
May 20, Year 1 When Lightning Strikes! The Lightning comes to America, and is briefly sighted in Las Vegas
May 27, Year 1 Freedom: Another Dream/Free Spirit Cathy Webster Cathy begins working with 'Dr. Deidre Wentworth'
June 2, Year 1 The Flash Barbara Allen and Iris Allen Barry Allen becomes Barbara Allen, The Flash
Jun 20, Year 1 Free Spirit Amy Zhan (as Superia) Dies Walkure, Superia, and 'Miss America' are defeated by Jade, American Dream, and Giganta.
Jun 23, Year 1 Free Spirit Steve Rogers Cathy foils bank robbers in her home town of Macomb, Illinois.
June 25, Year 1 Catch-as-Cat Can Stephen Kyle Professor Stephen Kyle uses the Catwoman suit for the first time.
Jun 26, Year 1 Free Spirit Clint Barton (Hawkeye), Kate Bishop Cathy begins training with Hawkeye and Kate.
July 3-4, Year 1 Steel Skinned Amy Allen, Cassie Sandsmark, Vivian D'Aramis, Kate Spencer Amy Allen reflects on her past and puts a stop to an attempted assassination of a French diplomat.
Aug 1, Year 1 The Wolf's Howl Randall Sinclair, Rusty and Mary Sinclair Randall shows up for his annual fishing and hunting trip on his Uncle's farm.
Aug 4, Year 1 Out of the Ashes Miss Mars/Megan Morse Dan Hunter dies, becomes Megan Morse, aka Miss Mars
Aug 6, Year 1 The Wolf's Howl Randall Sinclair is attacked by a wolf and transforms into Wolfsbane for the first time.
Aug 10, Year 1 Catching Up Stephen Kyle, Jon Cho Catwoman steals the Lab 1 database
Aug 13, Year 1 The Wolf's Howl Anthony Stark, Wolfsbane Randall Sinclair and his fiance are attacked by a mugger, he transforms back into Wolfsbane and scares off the mugger.
Aug 13, Year 1 Marked Target Lawrence "Lex" McKinley Lex finally meets one of her captors, Dr. Zander Rice. Her anger toward him sparks an escape attempt. Through the help of Dr. Kimura, she actually escapes and is instructed to find Dr. Hank McCoy in Berkeley, CA, if she wants answers.
Aug 14, Year 1 Marked Target Lawrence "Lex" McKinley Lex arrives at the home of "Brickhouse", explains herself, and finds a safe place to lay her head.
Aug 15, Year 1 I Am The Night Bruce Wayne, Alfred, Dr. Porter, Antonio Diego Bruce Wayne investigates Dr. Randolph Porter for the DEO (DMA). He comes across the Venom drug and meets Antonio Diego, who is more than a match for him.
Aug 18, Year 1 Catching Up Stephen Kyle Professor Kyle activates his "latent" metagene causing a sex change. Stephen Kyle subsequently "dies".
Aug 22, Year 1 Marked Target Lawrence "Lex" McKinley "Brickhouse" drops Lex off at Hao Lai Academy, where the two negotiate with Mr. Xiao Min. Lex begins training the following day under his Shifu, also learning some gymnastics ability from Jing Wei ("Jenn").
Aug 25, Year 1 Catching Up, Cat Scratch Fever, Big Trouble 3 Selena Kyle, Lena Luthor Catwoman hired by Lex Luthor to rescue his kidnapped daughter.
Sep 9, Year 1 Deep Into That Darkness Peering Ryan/Rachel Roth Ryan finds the Rapture in a theater prop store.
Sep 10, Year 1 Catatonia Selena Kyle Catwoman steals Egyptian artifacts
Sep 13, Year 1 Catatonia, Black Canary Sings Selena Kyle, Black Canary Catwoman's nanobots spontaneously develop into an AI. Lance Laurel changes into Black Canary and is admitted to the hospital.
Sep 16, Year 1 Catatonia, Black Canary Sings Selena Kyle, Black Canary Catwoman steals the Lab 1 database. Black Canary's first patrol of the city.
Sep 23, Year 1 Out of the Ashes Dolores Parker is kidnapped.
Oct 7, Year 1 Out of the Ashes Dolores Parker dies.
Oct 10,Year 1 Tears of the Phoenix Jean Grey mourns the death of Dolores Parker, considers leaving Earth. Comforted by Jade, Jean calls on the Phoenix, who sings in the sun. Jade records the song on her ring.
Oct 12, Year 1 Trial of the Phoenix Jean Grey, Scott Summers Jean meets Scot, and they share their stories
Oct 21, Year 1 Jade: The Price of Vengeance Jade, Sora'nik Natu, Jade is contacted by Sora'nik and brought to Oa for trial.
Oct 25, Year 1 Marked Target Lawrence "Lex" McKinley A knife is found with a note attached on Mike & Steven's door. Lex fears her captors have found her.
Oct 27, Year 1 Marked Target Lawrence "Lex" McKinley Mike takes Lex to go see Julia. It doesn't end well. Lex resolves to leave Seattle. She is attacked along the way and kills seven men. She boards a bus for San Francisco the next morning.
Oct 29, Year 1 Deep Into That Darkness Peering Rachel Roth, Dr. Occult, Lori Zechlin, Barbara Allen With the help from the Flash and Lori, Rachel is able to defeat Brother Blood and his crazy cult, The Church of Blood.
Oct. 31, year 1 Trial of the Phoenix Jean Grey, Scott Summers, Sara Punch at Halloween dance is spiked with experimental drug, leading to people acting without any inhibitions
Nov. 1, year 1 Trial of the Phoenix Jean Grey, Scott Summers, Sara, Col. Arn (Iron) Munroe Investigation of the drugging at Jean's school begins.
Nov 3, Year 1 I Am the Night Stephanie Brown, Victor Zsasz Stephanie begins her vigilantism, donning a black leather costume. She stops a rape in an alley, defeating Victor Zsasz. The news labels her "The Bat"
Nov 12, Year 1 Iron Girl Col. James "Rhodey" Rhodes, Doug Ramsey Tony Stark is attacked at Randall and June Sinclair's wedding reception and has his metagene activated.
Nov 25, Year 1 The Cat's in the Cradle Selena Kyle Catwoman sells her tech to others.
Nov. 31, Year 1 I Am the Night Stephanie Brown, Roman Sionis (Black Mask), Bruce Wayne, Tim Drake (Red Robin) After weeks of searching, Stephanie finally catches up to and puts an end to Black Mask's criminal activities; Bruce finally accepts the mantle of The Bat and calls himself the "Bat Man"
Dec. 1, Year 1 Trial of the Phoenix Jean Grey, Scott Summers, Sara, Col. Arn (Iron) Munroe. Jean helps find the people responsible for the drugging at her school. She and Jean are offered part time jobs working for Col. Munroe.
Dec 07, Year 1 Marked Target Lawrence "Lex" McKinley Lex is approached by Probe and Damper offers her a place in Posse. She takes on the pseudonym of Talon.
Dec 15, Year 1 The Cat's in the Cradle Selena Kyle, Jade Confrontation between Catwoman, American Dream, Black Canary, and Jade ends in detante'.
Dec 21, Year 1 Sandy Claws Selena Kyle, Kingpin, Bullseye Catwoman confronts future Brother Eye and has her AI upgraded.
Christmas Eve, year 1 Out of the Ashes II begins Miss Mars, American Dream Court and Megan meet on a beach.
Jan 5, Year 2 Cataloging Events Selena Kyle, Black Canary Catwoman studies hand to hand with Black Canary. Ruminates on herself and develops the Brother Eye database.
Jan 8, Year 2 Cataloging Events Catwoman The Brother-Eye Database goes live and is shared with the world.
Feb 12, Year 2 Cataloging Events Selena Kyle, Casey Jones Catwoman runs afoul of Casey Jones in an alley.
Feb 14, Year 2 My Enemy, Myself Gemina Dent Janice Dent gives birth to Gemina.
Feb 14, Year 2 Marked Target Lawrence "Lex" McKinley, Olivia Queen Talon steals alcohol and then attempts to drink away her troubles. She is caught by Green Arrow and dropped off at a safehouse in lieu of being handed to the police.
Mar 7, Year 2 Bound to Serve the Dark Aayla, Walker, Lysha Walls, Dr. Victor Doomah Josh (Aayla) Walker finds hidden artifacts from his ancestor and transforms into a Twi'lek Sith.

Mar 23, Year 2

Bound to Serve the Dark Corporal Steven Yee Aayla goes dark and tries to kill the Dream Team. Transforms Cpl. Yee into a Dathomir human.