Barry Allen was just a Police chemist until a lightning bolt and a flask of chemicals changed him into the Flash. Now she is Barbara Allen, the fastest woman alive!

She lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her wife Iris Allen and maintains her "Barry Allen" identity at work. She has a Lesser Green Power Ring to help her appear as Barry and to create her costume.


The Flash


Character SummaryEdit

  • Name: Barbara Allen (also maintains old I.D. of Dr. Barry Allen)
  • Codename: Flash
  • Age: 34 (physically about 21)
  • Height: 6’
  • Weight: 158
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Grey
  • Stats: 34AA – 26 - 34
  • Power: superspeed, enhanced endurance
  • Talents: Doctorate in Forensic Chemistry
  • Accessories: GL communications and costume ring
  • Education: Acquired Doctorate at UNLV and Arizona University
  • Associated with: Green Lantern, Green Lantern II, Copycat, and Iris Allen

Skills / AbilitiesEdit

  • Strength: Class 3
  • Agility: Class 5
  • Stamina: Class 5
  • Intelligence: 145 IQ
  • Willpower: Class 3
  • Unarmed Combat: 1
  • Chemistry: 4 (He is a main researcher at a Police lab, and probably is best at identifying illegal substances and CSI type stuff)


Barbara is trying to keep up the pretense that she is Barry at work but Iris knows the truth and has elected to stay with her. She is based in Phoenix, Arizona for the time being but will respond to calls for assistance over her ring or from any of the heroes she has met. Alison designed her costume which is the same as the Silver Age Flash from the neck down except that her only head gear is a yellow tinted visor with wings.

Super speed: Barbara is now capable of running at up to the speed of sound. Her body has been changed to accommodate her powers. She is now extremely resilient, her bones are now crystalline matrices of great strength and light weight. Her muscles are denser, and her tendons are stronger as well bringing her weight back up to normal and making her look very well toned Her nerves changed the most and now operate as if they were organic superconductors allowing to perceive the world and react to it on millisecond time scales if she chooses. She creates a forcefield that blocks the effects of the wind from her body but it only extends a short way from her skin so she must wear a very close fitting costume to prevent it from being destroyed by the wind at high speeds. She has traction problems she hopes to solves with specially designed shoes from a company in Japan.