This page contains a brief outline of all the characters in the Universe.

The table is sortable, and by default has no particular sort. Each character is listed with the following information:

  • their codename (if they have one),
  • their real name (or chosen name in the case of characters that change their name after they manifest),
  • their current legal age (as opposed to chronological age, which may be different)
  • their affiliation (are they a hero or a villain? Maybe they're part of LexCorp, non-aligned or a vigilante.)
  • their powers (or apparent powers in the case of baselines augmented by a power suit)
  • any accessories they have (GL rings, weapons / holdouts etc.)
  • their usual location (i.e. where they're based)
  • their former name (if they changed their name post-manifestation), and
  • their former age (if they changed apparent age during manifestation).






Codename Real / Chosen name Age Affiliation Powers

(Apparent Powers)

Accessories Location Former Name Former Age
Lee Stone To write awesome comic books!
Kyle Rayner 23 Highly talented and creative artist.
Cosmic Girl Rhea Jones 16 Hero Ability to create a strong magnetic field that can repel (but not attract) ferromagnetic objects or other magnetic fields. Lesser GL Ring Las Vegas, Nevada Dr. Erik B. Ronick 42
Night Girl Linda St. Joan 17 Hero Strength and stamina increase in low light or darkness; the darker her vicinity, the greater her strength and stamina. Similarly, her body becomes incredibly resistant to damage as her strength increases. Enhanced agility and perception at night, including low-light vision. Lesser GL Ring Las Vegas, Nevada 24
Tristanoira 30's Ally Limited Magic-Use; greatly enhanced by Covenant with Purgatori. Arcana of Wands. Owns a goth-fashion store Las Vegas, Nevada
Mordru 40's? Villain Vast magical powers Access to various mystical artifacts The Chaos-Realm Really Old
Klariann Clara Ann Black 9 Child

Strong affinity for Chaos-Magic. High intelligence for her age. Potential wild magic abilities.

Las Vegas, Nevada
Jackie 9 Child Very strong for her age; retains significant combat experience. Las Vegas, Nevada Jack Clark 30's
Vera 9 Child Much greater knowledge and common sense than her age would indicate. Las Vegas, Nevada Vera Hawthorne late 30's
Doll Girl Ellen Roberts 20 Hero Can shrink herself down to 1/6th her original size. Strength, agility, and resistance to injury increase as she gets smaller. Boston
Miss Terrific Terry Sloane 15 (as Miss Terrific) Hero Granted half the powers of both Cosmic Girl and Night Girl. The synergy between these powers causes them to manifest in different ways. Boston 33
Chris Sloane 17 Student Boston
Lionheart Cat Ramis 13 Student Imbued with the spirit of Maahes; gains various powers including heightened senses, strength, and agility. Twin Fairbairn-Sykes Mk II fighting knives New York
Morpheus/The Sandman Dream 20's? Ally Lord of all Dreams Mystic badges of office The Realm of Dream Daniel Eternal
Lucien 50's? Vassal Font of Knowledge The Realm of Dream Really Darned Old
Matthew Unknown Vassal Flight, dimensional travel The Realm of Dream Unknown
Nathan Black 31 Ally Considerable wealth Las Vegas, Nevada
Green Lantern

Jade Cross (Chosen name)

19 Hero None

(Anything she wills the ring to do)

Power Ring, Starcruiser Jordan Dark Side of the Moon

Jaden E. Cross (real name)

Terra Terra Cross 17 Hero Geo-Kinetic Lesser GL Ring Houston Terry Cross
American Dream Courtney Carter 16 Hero Strength, Agility, Speed, Invulnerability Various weapons, modified Dodge Tomahawk Houston Jake Carter 37
Catwoman Prof. Stephen Kyle 37 Independent vigiliante Gadgeteer
Poison Ivy Bryony Carlton 19 Chlorokinetic Plants Brian Cross 56
Giganta Doris Zeul 16 Hero Strength, Size/Density alteration Lesser GL Ring Chicago Damon Zeul 29
Green Lantern II Alena Scott 15 Hero Star Heart (hosted in body), anything she wills her power ring to do. Natural ability to channel the Indigo Light of Compassion. Power Ring, Lesser GL Ring Burns, Oregon Alan Scott
Copycat Alison Scott 15 Anti-Hero/Ally Shapeshifting, Enhanced Strength, Self-Healing Burns, Oregon
Illyana Illyana Nikolievna Rasputina 8 Hero Mage-Arcana of Swords Eye of Agamotto, Lesser GL Ring Las Vegas Ilias 16
Hunter Illyana Nikolievna Hunter 16 Hero Demonic Strength, Soul Armor Demon Sword, Lesser GL Ring Las Vegas Chantinelle Centuries Old
Magik Illyana Nikolievna Rasputina-Hunter 16 Hero Sorceress Supreme of Earth, Demonic Strength, Soul Armor Eye of Agamotto, Demon Sword, Lesser GL Ring Las Vegas Illyana+Hunter
Hellblazer Johanna Constantine 17? Anti-Hero Mage-Basic Magics, Summoning and Warding S&W M686 Mobile 40's?
Miss Mars Megan Morse 17 Independent Shapeshifter, Strength, Vision, Invulnerability, Flight Bay City Dan Hunter 46
Phoenix Jean Grey 17 student/government agent in training Telekinesis, Telepathy, Flight Lesser GL Ring Houston 40
Cyclops (not used yet) Scott Summers 17 student/goverment agent in training creates blast of concussive force Houston
n/a Arn (Iron) Munroe mid 40s Brigadier General, placed in charge of Jean and Scott's agent training intellegence officer, one tough soldier, former boxer none Houston
n/a Sara mid 40s agent acting as Jean' mother former intelegence officer, trained in combat none Houston
Aquagirl Lorena Marquez 17 Hero Underwater Survival, Reduced Vulnerability, Strength, Speed, Vision Lesser GL Ring Chicago Mark Foster 34
Free Spirit Cathy Webster 18 Hero Enhanced Strength, Probability Manipulation Lesser GL Ring, Tungsten Alloy Shield Seattle Cash Webster 26
Hawkeye Clint Barton 27 Vigilante Superhuman Visual Acuity, Latent ESP, Gadgeteer Too numerous to mention Detroit, Michigan
N/A Steve Rogers 26 Police Officer Macomb, Illinois
Prodigy Kate Bishop 14 Vigilante Equipment supplied by Hawkeye Detroit, Michigan Kevin Bishop
Purgatori Stefani Hughes 13 Hero Hellfire, greatly enhanced strength and agility, flight,

spontaneous regeneration, immunity to flame, nightvision

Lesser GL Ring Las Vegas, Nevada Steven Hughes 19
Mystique Rhian Medina (Stolen Identity) 27 Mercenary/ Criminal Psychometric shapeshifting Offshore accounts, Servers 34
Heatstroke unknown 16 Criminal Pyrokinetic Bay City
Dream Girl Alyssa Conover 16 Hero Class 5 Superhuman Strength, Class 5 Superhuman Endurance, Levitation/Limited Flight, Superhuman visual acuity Lesser GL Ring Las Vegas, Nevada
Sleepwalker The Walker-in-Sleep Unknown Hero *same powers as Dream Girl Las Vegas, Nevada Unknown
N/A Lena Thorul 15 Civilian Superior Intellect Chicago Lena Thorul
N/A King Faraday 40's? Government Agent; Department of Metahuman Affairs (Division of Department of Extranormal Operations) USA
Superia Amy Zhan Late 20's Villain Enhanced Strength Tungsten Steel Battleaxe New Alcatraz 37
N/A Lex Luthor Late 30's LexCorp Superior Intellect Lexcorp New York
Mercy Mercy Graves 19 LexCorp Enhanced Strength and Agility New York 24
Miss Sinister Claudine Renko 27 LexCorp Enhanced Intelligence, Limited Shapeshifting The Habitat
N/A Dabney Donovan 50's LexCorp The Habitat
N/A Michael McGuire Late 30's Villain (formerly LexCorp) Mobile
Tekik TK-47 N/A Villainous AI Robotic Body, Self-Repair - "feeds" on fear (anything it wills its ring to do - generally with the aim of instilling fear in populations) Yellow Lantern Ring Mobile
N/A Belasco Darned Old Demon Demonic Powers, Magic-Use Dark Dimension, Limbo
N/A Mephisto Really Darned Old Demon Demonic Powers, Magic-Use Dark Dimension, Limbo
N/A Gudrun Tyburn Darned Old Villain Immortality, Regeneration, Magic-Use Mys-Tech Corporation London
Miss Miracle Scottie Free 18 Hero Artificer "Hammerspace" Pockets; contents too numerous to list Las Vegas
Zatanna Zatanna Zatara 20's Hero Mage-Adept
Solomon Grundy Cyrus Gold Darned Old Villain Great Strength and Endurance, Regeneration Mobile
Felix Faust Dekan Drache Really Darned Old Villain Mage-Master Scepter/Cane that amplifies magical abilities Mobile
N/A Tony Carpaci 40's Villain Crime Cartel Bay City
Sensation Dolly Summers 19 Entertainer Control of light and sound Tampa 50+
Ultra-Woman Gerri Shugart 19 Villain Control of Density Power Dial Tampa Geron Shugart 20+
The Lightning Ayumi Reizei 16 Hero Electrical Generation/Control, Gravitic Wave Generation/Control, Class 5 Superhuman Strength Tokyo, Japan Kyou Haimura
Himitsu/The Secret Haya Genda 13 Hero Incorporeal Form, Flight, Invisibility Life Note Tokyo, Japan
Shin (Deceased) 17? Vast Telekinetic and Esper Abilities Tokyo Japan
Green Arrow Olivia Queen 16 Hero ??? Bow and Arrows, power ring San Francisco, CA (Star City) Jonas Oliver 14-15
Speedy Mia Dearden 15 Ally; Computer Hacker None Laptop San Francisco, CA
Wonder Girl Cassie Sandsmark 16 Hero: DEO Amazon: Strength, speed, durability Girdle of Hippolyta Chicago, Il Charlie Sandsmark 16
Bombshell Amy Allen Appears 18 or so Hero: Works for DEO Steel Skin, Some invulnerability, strength, incinerating fire blasts Glock 9mm Chicago, Il Captain Nathaniel Adam, USAF 35
Crimson Fox aka La Dame Pourpre, "The Crimson Lady" Vivian D'Aramis 20 Hero Heightened senses, agility Sig Sauer France, currently in Chicago Victor, Last Name Unknown N/A
Blue Beetle Josie Reyes 15 Hero Suit oriented; Blue Beetle Scarab Blue Beetle Scarab (Unseen, it's attached to her spine) San Francisco, CA (Star City) Jaime Reyes 15
Booster Gold Myka Carter 18 Hero Ferokinesis Nanotech suit; Skeets Chicago, Il Mike "Booster" Carter 19
Fire Beatrice De Costa 20? Hero? Pyrokinesis (Green Flames) None Chicago, Il Unknown 20?
Batman (Though the name has yet to be officially said) Bruce Wayne (Alias Thomas Knight) 30's Hero; Bruce is CEO of Wayne Enterprises None Batarangs Chicago, Il
Brenda Del Vecchio 14 Ally San Francisco, CA
Rick "Rip" Hunter 19 Ally Chicago, IL
Ralph Dibny 30's STAR Labs Chicago, IL
Sue Dibny 30's STAR Labs Chicago, IL
Agent Broderick 30's FBI Chicago, IL
Paco Tejas 14 Ally San Francisco, CA
Lois Lane 20's Ally; Newspaper Reporter USA
"Wildcat" Ted Grant 40s Ally; Trainer San Francisco, CA
"Raven" Rachel Roth 19 Hero Empathy, Astral Projection, Telekinesis, Magic The Rapture Phoenix, Arizona Ryan Roth 19
Dr. Occult Dr. Richard Occult aka Dr. John Dee 40's Ally; "The Sentinels" Magic user, Private Investigator Symbol of the Seven ring He travels a lot
Lori Zechlin 19 Ally/Hero Power Mimic Originally from Ohio but now lives in Phoenix Larry Zechlin 19
The Flash Barbara Allen 21 Hero Superhuman speed and endurance Lesser GL Ring Phoenix, Arizona Barry Allen 34
Janus Janice Dent 18? Anti-Hero Enhanced strength, regeneration, minor density manipulation Controls organized crime in Philadelphia Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Harvey Dent 38
Wolfsbane Randall Sinclair 25 Vigilante Shapeshifting, Enhanced Strength, Agility, Endurance and Senses, Rapid Healing San Jose, California
N/A Rusty Sinclair 30 Farmer/ Rancher Limited Pyrokinesis Farm and Ranch Rural Montana
N/A June Sinclair nee Allison 25 Nurse San Jose, California
Talon ????? 16 Undecided Regeneration, Metal-cased Bone Claws, Super Agility, Super Endurance ????? San Francisco, CA Lawrence "Lex" McKinley 26
Iron Girl Toni Stark 14

"Mad" Genius


Genius Level Intelligence

Electrical generation

Stark Industries

Armored Suit to contain Electrical generation

San Jose, California Anthony Stark 65
The Red Skull (unknown at this point, may not be a single individual) Neo Nazi villain Genius worldwide
Union Jack TBD mid-twenties Hero supersoldier pistols Britain
Magneto TBA Unknown Anti Hero/Villain Electromagnetic control Unknown Max Eisenhardt

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