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The Comics Retcon Wiki is a collaborative encyclopedia about Lilith Langtree's Comics Retcon Universe, posted at BigCloset TopShelf.

It's a Retcon Universe. That means all the stuff you've read over the months/years/decades doesn't mean squat. The term "retcon" is a contraction of "RETroactive CONtinuity" for the curious. The most powerful hero and the most like Comic Canon is the Green Lantern, Jade. She is a deus ex machina for tech equipment, instant costume change rings, etc. But only if you ask her nicely.

Everyone else is up for grabs from whatever universe you can pull them from DC, Marvel, Vertigo, Wildstorm, Dark Horse, etc. As long as there is a comic written about them they are fair game.


This section is designed to be a 'noticeboard' for wiki editors. If there's something you'd like to draw the attention of other editors, add it to the list below.

  • If you're creating / editing a character page, you might like to look at Giganta as a possible model.
  • Don't forget that Characters can include any significant character, be they hero, villain, anti-hero, lover...
  • If creating a character page, don't forget to add categories! Characters should be taken for granted, then add a category to reflect their affliation: Heroes, Villains, Vigilantes, Hero Support, LexCorp etc.
  • Organisations (e.g. LexCorp) could also do with their own pages at some point in time.
  • Calling all artists - we could do with a logo to replace the generic wikia one above the search box.
  • Story summaries are also welcome - don't forget to add the category Stories!
  • Don't worry about linking to pages that don't (yet!) exist - if there's a need for the page, someone will create it!

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